A Welcome To My New Readers

the_data_so_farI’ve had a sudden spike in page views on the Bad Thinking blog since last Thursday (26th March 2015). That was the day I was featured in the Shields Gazette in Mike Hallowell’s Wraithscape column.

(Picture credit: xkcd)

It’s the second time Mike has featured me in the Gazette, moaning that I have criticised his writings. At least he quoted the address for the blog, and it looks like some people have taken the trouble to manually type it into their web browsers to have a look. Unfortunately, his article has not been published online, so I can’t reply to him there. And readers therefore can’t visit here with a simple click, so my thanks to those who have been intrigued enough to come along.

It’s a pity I wasn’t allowed a right to reply; after all, Mike turns up here regularly to reply to anything I have to say about what he writes. Not to worry, though. There is plenty of blog fodder in his article, which I will deal with here in due course.

In the meantime, new readers who want an antidote to woo in general are welcome to peruse the articles I publish if they want to sharpen up their critical thinking skills. If you want to criticise anything I write, that’s fine: I don’t get upset or paranoid about it.

4 responses to “A Welcome To My New Readers

  1. Hi. I’m one of the people been visiting your site. I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on Mike Hallowell since I first came across him last year (strange as I’ve lived in South Shields for well over 30 years).

    His article on evolution was desperately poor, and I couldn’t resist commenting on it (travellingman). I was surprised to see a couple of other creationists stick their heads over the parapet.

    I look forward to keeping up with your blog now I’ve found it (courtesy of Mike Hallowell!).



  2. Geoff, thanks for commenting, and welcome as a new reader.

    I’ve seen your comments on the Gazette website; feel free to join in here as well.



  3. Mike Hallowell

    I’ve been offering you a right to reply on my page for years, and on two occasions even offered you the entire page to inform my readers just why you think I’m so hopelessly askew. You declined my offer. I’ve also offered you, on numerous occasions, the opportunity to engage me in a live debate for the same purpose. You’ve consistently declined that offer too. You’ve had every opportunity to respond to me, but you’ve never taken it up, so your assertion to the contrary is simply a complete crock. If you want to use my page to address my readers on my page, the offer still stands. Identify yourself – as I do – and start scribbling. You’re the one who runs away from a proper debate with me and you don’t even have the courage to let people know who you are.

    As for the spike in readers, I can only utilise what Ian Paisley once said to Margaret Thatcher. “Don’t confuse sitting on your side [in the Commons] with being on your side.” Well, don’t confuse people looking at your blog with people agreeing with your blog. I can tell you – not all of them do.


  4. Mike, your offer to let me use your Gazette column is not necessary. You might be hoping to look reasonable to other people when you say it, but let us be very clear here:

    I commented on one of your columns on the Gazette website once before; but you really lost your temper there. Then my comments were deleted one by one, and eventually the whole comments section was wiped. You said the removal of my comments was nothing to do with you – OK, I can’t prove otherwise, and it’s maybe just as likely that the Gazette did the deed because they didn’t want one of their columnists’ ignorance exposed. The point, of course, is that when I commented, my well-reasoned – and reasonable – comments were removed.

    But later, you threatened another blogger with legal action if he did not remove comments I made on his blog that were critical of another of your ill-informed pieces. Again, I was silenced because you can’t bear to be criticised. And it’s been a common theme of yours on websites and blogs across the internet to utilise a bit of legal thuggery – and at the very least let everyone know that you have used such threats regularly. But that’s not because anyone has actually defamed you, it’s because you can’t take fair criticism. Threatening legal action instead of offering a sound argument is pitiful, and a tacit admission of defeat.

    And yet again you still want to debate me in front of a live audience. Yes, Mike, you have offered that challenge numerous times, but if you argue in person the same way you argue in print and on the internet, then you would end up being thoroughly humiliated. But worse, you would still claim victory. I rose to a challenge you offered me some time ago to prove some of the things I had said. You were going to give thirty pounds to charity if I did so. I did, but you weaseled your way out of paying up. Why would I trust you to publish anything of mine? Just link to this blog if you really want your readers to know what I have to say.

    Your last sentence illustrates how you misinterpret what I say. Did I say that any extra readers that come here as a result of your article would agree with me? I don’t seek people that agree with me, and I don’t get upset if they don’t. This blog exists only because my criticisms of your soporific ramblings were removed from the internet as a result of your legal bullying of another blogger. I can’t comment on the Gazette website, apparently, and you have shown your willingness to censor me with legal threats, so the only way I can speak out is by having my own place to do so.

    I don’t mind who disagrees with me, or how many, or how annoyed they get, or even how nasty they might be towards me when they comment. I can stand my own ground with logical argument; I certainly don’t rely on hurt feelings, petulance and legal threats.


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