Psychic Threatens To Sue Sceptic; Husband Threatens To Have Him “Lifted” And “Disappear”

Celebrity litigant psychic Sally Morgan possibly failed to foresee the Streisand Effect that is surely about to strike after she threatened to sue a sceptic – and her husband threatened to have him “lifted” and “disappear.” Legal threats combined with physical threats? I’m going to be following this with some interest.

The story can be found at The Guardian. It turns out that a sceptic went to one of Morgan’s shows and handed out leaflets to the audience as they entered. The leaflets themselves were not in any way libellous, but Morgan’s husband John made physical threats, which were followed up by legal threats from the “psychic to the stars” herself. (Apparently, Princess Diana was a client, but somehow died in a car crash – perhaps, in the throes of romance and love with Dodi,  she just forgot the warning that Sally must surely have given her? I don’t know, I’m not psychic. It’s just guesswork on my part, so maybe I am psychic by some standards.)

If you read the Guardian article and follow the links in the story, you will soon get the picture better than I can explain it. It’s also worth looking at what the Good Thinking Society has to say about Sally Morgan’s tactics; there is also information about Psychic Awareness Month that’s also worth reading.

In the meantime, I have my own thoughts on the subject.

Anyone can talk to the dead – it’s true! However, there is not a shred of testable, confirmable evidence – and certainly no proof – that the dead can talk back. I will illustrate that with a graphic I have used before:


Credit to xkcd.

Sally Morgan has been invited in the past to demonstrate her paranormal abilities under scientific, controlled conditions, but for some reason has declined to do so. She didn’t accept the challenge, so there is no logical reason to conclude that she would have just become part of the right hand column, but if she had agreed to participate in the offer, then she could have become the first psychic in the world to have made a score in the left hand column. Sadly, it was not to be. Rather than demonstrate her psychic powers in a way that would finally force science to acknowledge the existence of the paranormal, she did the same as other alleged psychics and refused to prove conclusively that she has the powers she claims to have. You could almost see it coming. (I don’t think any sceptics were surprised, but their predictions that she wouldn’t go for it were not based on anything paranormal, just the regular refusal of almost every prominent fortune teller to be tested. Nothing new there.)

I have food for thought, though. I was watching one of her TV shows one night, and I Googled the name of the celeb she was talking to. Several references came up, so I connected to the various websites listed – official site, fan sites and so on. It was quite amazing, really, because everything Sally told the celeb about herself was true. And I know it was true, because almost everything Sally told her was right there on the internet in front of me! How do you explain that? Eh? Eh?

Anyway, I think this story is going to get a bit of mileage so it’s worth keeping an eye on. In the meantime, my sceptical powers (that I have vowed to use only for good) tell me that Sally Morgan will never submit to any objective test of her paranormal claims. (Then again, I’m a sceptic, so I have to admit I might be wrong about that. Any bets?)

2 responses to “Psychic Threatens To Sue Sceptic; Husband Threatens To Have Him “Lifted” And “Disappear”

  1. Sally Morgan is very much a fraud and that’s coming from a professional in the art of mediumship. upsets me that this is all we have out there to show the world the spiritual relm exists. Sad.she is making a mockery of true clairvoyants. She opened herself upto this…..I would never do big audiences for a number of reasons..its personal also its about money gain. Charging everyone to listen. ..wrong wrong wrong..its greed . Her husband is the biggest fraud of all….its all about the wallet. .and now she makes our world look foolish in public. .id b happy to do a u all that not every psychic is a fraud.
    .my job is to tilt u in ur beliefs. .open ur mind up…we are not a circus act…I never question what I do…reasons are simple…im the best ul ever meet..
    Mystical rainbows


    • Sharon, thanks for your comment.

      Personally, I do not think anyone has what is called “psychic ability/powers.” I don’t, however, accuse anyone of being a fraud – not because I fear being sued, but because it is not possibe to prove a universal negative. A self-proclaimed psychic might be a fraud, mistaken about what is going on, possibly self-deluded or even mentally ill. They might even be true psychics or mediums, but so far none of them has proven the existence of their claimed powers. “Psychic” Sally, like so many others, has consistently refused to be tested under controlled conditions, but I suspect that they don’t use (or need) paranormal skills to forecast what the result of any such tests would be.

      You say you are the real deal. I think not, but as a sceptic I am willing to change my mind if you can prove your claim (you say you are willing to be tested). The obvious first step would be to apply for the James Randi million dollar prize. There are also sceptical organisations here in the UK and around the world who offer smaller but still substantial rewards for anyone who can demonstrate their paranormal claims. I would encourage you to undergo properly conducted tests of your claims, and if you can pass those tests I will not be at all shy about publicising it on my blog, and saying, “Hmmm. I was wrong.” (I might even brag that I was the one who “discovered” you, if you go ahead and be properly tested as a result of my encouragement to do so.)

      Maybe you could be the first to prove that science itself is wrong. That would be OK by me.

      Best regards.


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