Building Monuments–Aliens Not Necessary

It’s a common theme within the UFO movement to assert that the pyramids and other huge monuments around the world could not have been built by mere mortals. The Great Pyramid in Egypt, especially, was a huge undertaking. According to the UFO people, however, mankind was a bit too dim to manage the task. They didn’t have heavy construction machinery, for a start, and even if they did, it is claimed, they still wouldn’t have been able to do it. And even nowadays, it is said, huge monuments would be beyond our capability.

It seems to me, though, that belittling our ancestors’ abilities is lazy thinking – indeed, bad thinking. Those people were just as clever as anyone today, even though they had not yet progressed to the science and technology that we enjoy now. Were aliens from outer space really necessary to have around when various huge structures were built thousands of years ago? No, not really. Here’s a video of someone building his own version of Stonehenge – on his own and without heavy machinery:

Building Monuments


That’s just amazing. And it does away with the need for aliens: humans are quite capable of doing clever things.

One response to “Building Monuments–Aliens Not Necessary

  1. You’re a fool. You’ve done absolutely no research into megalithic structures at all. This technique is a neat trick and makes zero sense when dealing with the logistics of real-world construction. Loser.


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